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Ghost Love
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    霊愛 (Chinese); 귀썸 (Korean); Ghost Some; Sleeping with the Ghost (English); Tình Yêu Ma Giới (Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt - TV)

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    Guh Bal Han

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    Drama - Mature - Webtoons - Manhwa

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Ghost Love Content

Ho-Jin, a health trainer (fitness trainer?), suffers with stress-related insomnia due to relationship issues with his lover. Recommended by his friend, Ho-Jin attempts to cure his insomnia by sleeping naked, but instead, he unwillingly seduces a ghost that dwells in his house… Editor’s statement: Ghost in funeral garments is scary, but a naked ghost is sexy!Webtoons you may also like:+ Refrain Love+ Cohabitation+ Narakarana 

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Maybe coming in the next issue:
Ghost Love Chapter 64
Ghost Love Chapter 65